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What Makes Us So Damn Special?

WE focus on low-profile bodies by relocating knobs. switches, etc. off the face of the guitar for a clean minimalist sharp look. Allowing the guitar's shape, wood, and color to stand out.

Out of respect to our clients who feel they have found a pickup that meets their tonal needs, we can place any modern pickup on our Phantom Traditional profile guitars. As for our Phantom Elite and Phantom profiles we use our PAF Phantom pickups that enable us to apply a minimalist approach to the guitar design. The pickups are concealed and knobs are either relocated to the guitars side or completely removed. Creating a strikingly visual appearance.

You have the flexibility of selecting from a multitude of modification points to guide the Thumb Groove team through the process of building a tailored one of a kind guitar built with only your preferences in mind.

Thumb Groove American Tailored Guitars

We are an American tailored guitar house, specializing in hand-built instruments, only building each guitar after interviewing the musician it’s meant for. This allows each of our clients to be instrumental (pun intended) in the design of their guitar.

We specialize in one-of-a-kind tailored guitar necks and unique guitar profiles that are designed to complement the player’s personal preferences. Thumb profiles are created for each client based on their individual thumb paths, a process we created and continually work to improve. Our necks can be fretted, fretless or hybrid, meaning a combination of both.

If desired, we can create grooves in the thumb board for greater ergonomic comfort. Before any guitar build begins, the client receives a Tailor Kit which is critical in the process of understanding the Thumb Groove preferences of each player, thus allowing the guitar to be a perfect fit.