Devil’s in the details: Chassis, Profiles, & Modifications

Chassis 50 and Chassis 54 are just some of the body shapes you can choose from at Thumb Groove Guitars


We refer to a guitar’s body as a “Chassis.” We leave the shape of the chassis completely up to you. We generally work with established body shapes but are not limited to them. If you are looking for something else, we’ll work hard to accommodate your preferences.


Utilizes Phantom Pickups to allow the concealment of the pickup, leaving only the bridge on the face of the guitar.
Image of the Phantom Profile from Thumb Groove Guitars

Phantom traditional PROFILE

A minimalistic design with a bridge and pickup only. Switches and knobs are placed on the sideboard of the guitar instead of the face
The Phantom Traditional Profile from Thumb Groove Guitars (Chassis 50)
Examples of Electronic Control Placement
Image of electronic placement on two different chassis from Thumb Groove Guitars


We offer a “MIN-MAX” option that eliminates all knobs and switches of any kind from the guitar body completely. A RapcoHorizon V (Volume Control) Cable is provided for those unsightly “Volume Emergencies,” and for those who feel the need to have a knob to turn.
This is an image of an arrow pointing to the MIN-MAX volume control built into the guitar cable

Modification Points

Modification points allow you to help us tailor the perfect guitar for you. Add a chassis / profile and Thumb Groove will tailor you your perfect guitar

Modification Points

  • Tuners
  • Nut
  • Fret Size
  • Pickup Selection
  • Body Color
  • Neck Shape
  • Bridge
  • Fingerboard Wood
  • Setup (String Action)
  • Thumb Board Tailoring
  • Fret / Fretless Design
  • Neck Plate Engraving
  • Fret Material
  • Heel Shape
  • A/B With Placement
  • Volume, Tone Knob Placement
  • Body Wood
  • Output Jack Location
  • Neck Inlay
  • Badge Inlay
  • Headstock Inlay
  • Neck Wood
  • Headstock Color
  • Neck Radius
  • Nut Width