Cocchiarale Guitar Tailor Shop for Orphaned Guitars



Hello Friends. Here’s a quick pic of me & The Homewrecker. She’s a Strat body I found in an abandoned house that was falling off its foundation. She was filled with mouse turds and nests. Took her home, dumped out the debris, slapped some left-over parts on her and now she’s one of my faves! Never even washed her off!
Sadly, cancer took Guy from us but he passed on his love for ‘orphaned guitars.’ Looking back I may have suffered, like so many guitarists, from the, “if it’s not a ‘59 burst,’ I’m looking down my nose at it,” syndrome. Yet his enthusiasm for bringing discarded or orphaned guitars back to life inspired me to open the Cocchiarale Guitar Tailor Shop.

Do we love to build guitars from the ground up? Of course we do! We also work to bring orphaned guitars back to life. What's a guitar without a really great backstory

Steve Johnston
Image of an customized acrylic body guitar from Thumb Groove Guitars
This is where we can help bring life back to a guitar that’s in need of small or big modifications. We’ll tailor your pieces together for a perfect fit!
A client provided us with an American made Fender neck that they were in love with, so we added:
  • A Phantom Traditional profile body
  • sperzel tuners
  • Seymore Duncan Pickup
  • Tailored Thumb Board
  • Killer Guitar Components
  • Bridge
  • Greasy Groove pickguard
Don't Be Bob Thumb Groove Cartoon - Thumb Groove American Tailored Phantom Profile Guitars