Who We Are


Thumb Groove American Tailored Guitars

We are an American tailored guitar house, specializing in hand-built instruments, only building each guitar after interviewing the musician it’s meant for. This allows each of our clients to be instrumental (pun intended) in the design of their guitar.

When needed, we resource some of the finest woodworkers in America to provide the quality of excellence we pride ourselves on.
Bob Knauer
Sawhorse Woodworks
This is an image explaining thumb grooves and thumb shelves on the necks of Thumb Groove Guitar
We specialize in one-of-a-kind tailored guitar necks and unique guitar profiles that are designed to complement the player’s personal preferences. Thumb profiles are created for each client based on their individual thumb paths, a process we created and continually work to improve. Our necks can be fretted, fretless or hybrid, meaning a combination of both.
If desired, we can create grooves in the thumb board for greater ergonomic comfort. Before any guitar build begins, the client receives a Tailor Kit which is critical in the process of understanding the Thumb Groove preferences of each player, thus allowing the guitar to be a perfect fit.
This is an image of the thumb groove tailor kit filled with materials that you choose for your next guitar